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We Exist as a Ministry for the Sole Purpose of  Letting the Fire of God Burn Within Us and Spreading this Fire! We Believe the Fire of God is God's Presence, Passion & Purity!

May Our Hearts BURN for Jesus!
Luke 12:49

About Us

Our VISION is to Spread the Fire of God(God's Presence, God's Burning Passion & God's Purity). We Have a Commitment to do the Will of God and Fulfill His Purpose Everywhere We Go. We Want to Set the World on Fire but We Do that by Setting Individuals on Fire One by One and as They are Discipled They Will Turn Around and Set Others on Fire for Jesus.

Our MOTTO is All You Need is a Spark, the Spark Turns into a Flame, the Flame Spreads and Then It Becomes a WildFire That Will Impact an Individual, a City, a State, a Nation and Never Go Out!

Our Founding Scripture is Luke 12:49-"Jesus Says, "I Have Come to Set the World on Fire and How I Wish That It Were Already Burning"


Angela D. McGill

Angela D. McGill is an Apostle that believes in Servant Leadership and has a passion for spreading the Fire of God!

Nicknamed “WildFire” after God healed her in a overnight miracle. For almost one year Angela’s speech was limited, she could barely understand and function. Her mother had to bathe and take care of Angela for nearly one year. Angela would hear multiple demonic voices telling her she was going to die and never preach the Gospel again. She was sleeping between 1 to 3 hours a night and doctors had no idea what was going on or what to do. Angela went to sleep on April 17th, 2013 and woke up on April 18, 2013 completely healed and restored. She could remember things, speak and fully understand.

God made her a miracle & told her he was making her a WildFire! She was to spread the good news he is still the God of Miracles and the God that answers by Fire! Angela is on a mission to set the world on Fire for Jesus Christ, she is doing that by setting individuals on Fire!

Come Join Her Journey!


"Set, Cultivate and Spread the Fire"


LET IT BURN-Luke 12:49


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Our Vision consist of SETTING Individuals on Fire, CULTIVATING the Fire and SPREADING the Fire to others. We Believe Gods Fire is Gods Presence, Purity and Passion. Luke 12:49

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